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Client & Customer Testimonials

After God transformed Dr. Katrina Pace, He continued to honor her with His Presence to help others through Prophetic Eruptions Ascensions Life Assignments Training Grounds Intl., my books "The Cure," and the Dr. Katrina's Show on Access Fort Wayne. Our coaching and counseling services are CONFIDENTIAL.  Clients made the decision to share their testimonials of our services. Some of the names remain anonymous to protect the privacy of our clients.


My life has been immensely impacted by Prophetic Eruptions Ascensions Life Assignments Training Grounds Intl.,  My interactions with Dr. Pace have provided me with a holistic framework for healing. Every session includes a wonderful balance of discipleship, counseling, and coaching. And most importantly, the central focus is always an encouragement to seek Christ as our ultimate source of life and being. I would absolutely recommend this organization.

I did not look at myself as being in counseling or therapy. I look at it as being guided through life to get back on track. I looked forward to meeting with Dr. Pace as she guided me to get through life on my spiritual journey. As my life was changing, I did not expect the level of teaching that resonated in me.  There is a stigma on counseling, but I found working with Dr. Pace a cathartic experience. I was sick, and I needed to heal. Dr. Pace helped me through my healing. It was a pleasure meeting with Dr. Pace, and I am looking forward to enrolling in her upcoming courses.  

Dr. Katrina Pace's book, "The Cure," is written in such a way that someone searching for who Christ is or someone who has been a Christian for fifty years can be strengthened, empowered, and brought back from stagnation on to God's destiny or vision. For me, Dr. Katrina had an easy to understand writing style. Although I didn't do many of the exercises in the vision logbook, I plan to do more. I took two pages of notes as the information was so good and encouraging. Dr. Katrina brought back to remembrance that God, through Jesus Christ, "The Cure," makes the impossible possible. To God be the glory! Great things He has done! God will do those things in your life, too, if you follow the principles in Dr. Katrina's book, "The Cure."

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