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I'm An Overcomer through Mastery in the Word of God: Jesus Christ restored me from a lifestyle of mental and physical struggle and discontentment. Fear, anxiety, anger, and childhood trauma were consuming me—also, sickness and disease, racing thoughts, cigarettes, and alcohol addiction. That's not it; the devil was working overtime trying to steal, kill, and destroy my life with abusive relationships, depression, frustration. Additionally, my sisters and my husband died, and many of my family members were not intact. I lost my job and my car. The impact of all that put me in a state of shock. I felt like I was in a coma because I was trapped inside of myself with death surrounding me. What kept me alive was my awareness that Jesus Christ loves me, my pastor teaching me the Word of God, and my dreams to give God glory by ministering the Gospel of Grace and using my testimony and my life to help others.

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