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About The Visionary

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Purpose & Destiny New Life Coach 
Visionary Instructor
Transformational Speaker &
Teacher of the Gospel of Christ 

       Dr. Katrina D. Pace is in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. She is the CEO & President of Prophetic Eruptions Kingdom Training & Equipping Grounds  & Ascensions Life Assignments Training Grounds Intl., Life Learning, Development & Empowerment Company in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She is the author of two books: My Love Relationship with Jesus Christ THE CURE to Mental, Physical, and Emotional Pain and Every Area of Life, for Purpose, Destiny, and Legacy. Her second book is THE CURE Vision Logbook, from the Old to the New to Living the Purposed Life. She is an Inspirational Speaker. 


       She has empowered people for over 25 years in the marketplace, and the House of the Lord. She has deep compassion for God, herself, and for teaching, coaching, and equipping people through their journey of intimacy with Christ, healing in the soul, mind, and body, wellbeing, writing a life Vision, living the Purposed Life, and Building a Legacy.

         Katrina Pace, Ph.D., is a Minister of the Life-Giving Gospel of Jesus Grace. She holds a Ph.D. in Human Potential Coaching, Cornerstone Christian Bible College International, Fort Wayne, Indiana; Ph.D., and in Christian Counseling, Cornerstone Christian Bible College International, Fort Wane, Indiana; Master of Art in Christian Education, Leadership, Crisis, and Change, Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, Arizona; Bachelor of Science in Human Services Business Management, Indiana School of Technology, Fort Wayne Indiana. Additionally, her life experiences of overcoming mental pain, childhood pain, many crises, circumstances, struggles, and hardships give her the Grace to relate to others with Love, Patience, and Compassion, all for the Glory of GOD.

2016 Legace Life Award Award 

2019 Kings In The Marketplace I Am Possible Award 

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